Our innovative security solutions allow you to reduce the cost of protecting large facilities by up to 50%, while increasing security by installing electronic surveillance systems, access control, as well as providing solutions related to the automation of facilities, including remote facility management.

We have specialized teams, including a response group, which allows us to ensure the safety of high-risk facilities, including military facilities, government buildings and public institutions.

Our comprehensive offer allows us to provide individual security solutions for the most demanding projects.



We have extensive well trained team and can implement measures that match risk exposure to secure any premises, buildings or objects almost immediately. 

We provide security for any type of property, and business, including Public Institutions, Military Objects, Courthouses, Museums, Castles, Sport facilities and more. 

We offer top to bottom security for construction sites and facilities, from the moment you break ground up to the finished project and beyond. 

We offer personal protection for VIPs, children, at risk individuals and more.


We provide services for the collection of cash or other valuables from any facility and their transport to the address indicated. 

We participated and organized the transport of valuable works of art, personal collections, securities and deposit boxes. We have armed personnel experienced in transit of high risk and high value goods.

We provide extensive security measures ensuring safety of the transported goods.


We provide installation and monitoring of alarms and CCTV equipment. We have a modern monitoring station that allows remote management of facilities (video surveillance, camera control, sound system and secure access etc.) We use several software and hardware solutions (including Safestar, Esom and Pronal) to ensure failsafe operation of our systems. 

We implement large projects, among others, for state agencies such as the Tax Administration Chamber. We also provide fire protection systems, gas detection systems, video intercom systems, access control. 

Our IT specialists are able to provide advise on network security systems and network design (including installation of new systems and maintenance) as well as create custom software security solutions.


Monitoring enables gathering information such as arming, disarming of the alarm, burglary, assault, fire, power outage, ability to group and archive this information. Currently, we use several independently working systems, where alarm signals are transmitted multi-channel. This results in the fact that in the event of a failure of the alarm signal by one path, the device automatically tries to connect to the second channel, or possibly the third. 

This technical solution guarantees us the fail-safe functioning of the system, and thus the satisfaction of customers with the services provided.


We have extensive experience in securing public events, including mass events with increased risk. We provide security for sporting events including football and speedway matches, concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, and art events.


We specialize in providing solutions including logistic monitoring (fuel monitoring, vehicle monitoring), GPS monitoring, security monitoring (including personal monitoring), vehicle fleet management (schedules, reports, documentation), GPS devices.

Our company’s mission is to improve the quality of services provided and provide individual solutions. We work with programmers who are constantly improving the software, reporting system, as well as additional functions, paying special attention to the comments and ideas of our contractors and with manufacturers of specialized
electronic equipment. Considering the large number of companies with need for professional monitoring, we offer hosting and database serving.


We undertake detective services of varying complexity. We always offer individual approach to each case and client. Most often the subjects of our cases are unfair competition, detection of wiretaps, computer forensics, electronic discovery, missing persons search.

We pride ourself with ability to quickly, effectively and discreetly find the desired information about individuals and companies, which includes assessing their wealth, and discovering hidden assets.


Many years of experience - 30 years in the security industry


Innovative solutions to reduce costs


Fast, professional and timely delivery of services

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